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DPRK Regulations on Certification

Friday, January 11th, 2008

From Naenara:

The DPRK government adopted the “Regulations of the DPRK on Certification” on June 30, 2003 by Decision No. 37 of the Cabinet, and is enforcing them with an aim to establish the scientific quality management system in all organs and enterprises, and to upgrade the quality of products for improving the people’s livelihood and facilitating foreign trade.

The regulations consist of 37 articles in four chapters: Chapter 1. General provisions (Article 1–8), Chapter 2. Quality certification bodies (Article 9–18), Chapter 3. Assessment on quality certification (Article 19–31) and Chapter 4. Supervision and control (Article 32–37).

Chapter 1. General Provisions

The management and guidance in quality certification shall be undertaken in a unified way by the State Administration for Quality Management (hereinafter referred to as SAQM).

The SAQM shall publish the products that are subject to compulsory certification step by step in accordance with the urgent requirements. The compulsory certification products can be exported only under certification.

The compulsory certification products exported to and imported from foreign countries which concluded certification agreement with our country are not subject to quality inspection at trade ports, border railway stations, airports and frontier transit points.

The term of validity for certification shall be three years. The quality certification bodies and certified organizations shall fall under surveillance and reassessment within the period defined by the SAQM.

The SAQM shall promote exchange and cooperation with international organizations and foreign bodies in the field of quality certification.

Chapter 2. Quality Certification Bodies

The quality certification bodies shall take charge of the assessment of quality management system of the organizations applying for certification. The quality certification bodies shall be designated by the SAQM.

The quality certification bodies shall undertake product certification, assessment and registration of quality management system, personnel certification, certification testing and training of certification assessors.

Chapter 3. Assessment on Quality Certification

The organizations and individuals who will be certified shall submit the written applications confirmed by their upper body to the relevant central organ to which the quality certification bodies belong.

The applications for product certification and registration of quality management system include the description of quality management system of a product or its production process and the confirmation of the relevant quality supervision body. The application for personnel certification shall comprise the confirmation of the organization to which the applicant belongs.

Upon the receipt of application, the relevant central organ shall confirm whether the application is formulated or not as required by the regulations and send it to its affiliated certification body in time.

In regard to the product certification assessment, the quality certification body shall examine mainly samples and document as well as the quality management system of processes which may affect the quality of products.

The assessment of product certification shall be completed within 60 days.

The assessment of quality management system consists of the document review and on-site assessment.

The document review aims at identifying whether the documents related to quality management system are properly made or not. The on-site assessment aims at ensuring the conformity of quality management system with the contents of the documents and their effectiveness. The registration of quality management system shall be completed within 90 days from the notification of assessment to the applicant.

The quality supervision organs may commit the organizations to inspect the quality of their products which have been certified and registered.

The quality certification bodies and the certified organizations shall use the relevant marks.

Chapter 4. Supervision and Control

The supervision and control on quality certification shall be exercised by the SAQM and the relevant supervision and control organs.

In case of any incidents in sale and export of the certified products or products manufactured through the certified process, the SAQM shall investigate them and take the necessary measures.

In case of any errors in quality certification due to irresponsibility of the quality certification organ and its official, the SAQM shall take strict sanctions such as disqualification and deprivation of authority against them.

In case the relevant organization and personnel violate the regulations and the order concerning quality certification, the SAQM and quality certification bodies may deprive it/him of its/his certificates and marks already issued.

In case of encroachment on the interests of the State and people or damage to the dignity of the country, the person concerned shall suffer from administrative and judicial sanctions according to the degree of seriousness.