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Interested in DPRK exports?

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Well it seemd that the DPRK embassy in Vienna, Austria, is doing its part to promote exports from the fatherland.  It has launched a web-based export business at:  Althought it looks like the site has not been updated since 2004, they are still offering sales on goods such as:

Calcium Carbonate, Artemisia Herb Oil, Eleutheorcocci Senticosi Extract & Powder,Perilla Herb Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Graphite Brush Plates and Powder, High-Powered Water Purifier, Beauty Appliance MN-63B, Printing Photo Images on Stone Tablets,  Tin-Free, Non-Toxic, Anti-Fouling, Anti-Corrosive, Inorganic Paint, Mechanical Seals, High-Strength Structure Adhesive, Sang-Hwang Mushrooms (Phellinus Linteus), Water-ring Screw Compressor, Technique for Greening of Sandy Soil, Pneumatic Transport Equipment, High-Powered Ultramicro Grinder

Commercial Section,
Embassy of the DPR. Korea in Austria
Schweglerstr. 21/3, A-1150 Vienna, Austria,  
Tel: +43-1-982-2082,  Fax: +43-1-982-2084,
[email protected]