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Highly-Efficient Machine-tools Produced in DPRK

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007


The Huichon Machine-tool Plant in the DPRK is manufacturing highly-efficient machine-tools.

The plant has completed a flexible machining system for producing boxes which is of great significance in the development of the machine-building industry so as to lay its solid material and technical foundation.

It has also introduced into production a new control system by which various kinds of lathe accessories are processed in an automatic way. It greatly helps make machine-tools precise and high-speed.

Among its products are a new kind of universal lathe, universal cylindrical grinder, movable radial drilling machine and NC milling machine.

The universal lathe has a processing diameter bigger than others and the universal cylindrical grinder, controlled by already-set program, improves the precision of products and productivity.

The movable radial drilling machine can process a large object, moving from place to place by itself.

In addition, the plant produces various sizes of ball screws which are applicable to machines which need flexibility and to floodgates of power stations.

The plant is making many efforts to introduce new advanced technologies into production.