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No more North Korean labor in Bulgaria

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein

Reports Yonhap:

Bulgaria said Monday that it has suspended imports of workers from North Korea amid criticism that Pyongyang is extorting money earned by their people overseas.

The action was taken along with the Czech Republic and Romania, the Bulgarian Embassy to South Korea said in a press release.

“Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania set a precedent by ceasing their labor imports after realizing the conditions of North Korean overseas laborers,” it said.

“The suspension of receiving North Korean laborers by these three East European countries is an example where states have actively taken measures against the extortions of the laborers’ remuneration,” it added.

Full article:
Bulgaria suspends labor imports from N.K.
Yonhap News


Bulgaria to export wine to the DPRK

Monday, November 4th, 2013

According to Standart News:

Bulgarian wines conquer an unusual new market: Two of our wineries will now export their products to the despotic North Korea, Standart daily reports, citing Executive Agency on Vine and Wine head Krasimir Koev.

One of the companies is Brestovitza, the first cooperative winery with 450 growers. The second firm that will export to the Communist country is from Dobrich. Our companies will pour the Asian country with red wines.

Bulgarian wines are also sought after in the other two new and fast-growing markets in North Korea’s region: these are China and Vietnam. Three BG companies have already taken a strong position in Vietnam, while 16 wineries are exporting to China. It is expected that this number will increase after an upcoming wine expo in Shanghai, where many of the Bulgarian companies will have the chance to attract new buyers from the Asian giant.

The Russian market is also about to take on large amounts of BG wines. Though it is a traditional niche for Bulgaria, but now the Bulgarian manufacturers will have to fill a new gap after it was revealed that Russia banned the import of wine from Moldova.

The Bulgarian wine sector is developing very well: only this year four new wineries were opened and one additional is expected to be started soon in Yambol, Krasimir Koev noted.

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Bulgaria to export wine to North Korea
Standart News


DPRK-Bulgarian trade to expand?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

According to the Sophia News Agency:

North Korea has expressed interest in buying Bulgarian foods, pharmaceuticals and software, among other products.

This has been announced by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), which is researching the opportunities for organizing a business delegation trip to North Korea or North Korea and China in the fall of 2010.

According to the announcement of the International Organizations and International Cooperation Directorate of the BCCI, the North Korean side has shown interest in Bulgarian software products, pharmaceuticals, food products – including canned food, wines, juice, yellow cheese, and compotes; as well as metals – cesium, potassium, zinc, radium.

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North Korea Interested in Buying Bulgarian Compotes, Software
Sophia News Agency