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Anti-Epizootic Vaccine Developed

Friday, March 2nd, 2007


The Veterinary Medicine Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science has developed an efficient vaccine against swine epizootic disease. It is particularly effective against coli bacillus-caused toxemia.

Once a piglet takes the disease, there are symptoms of facial paralysis and melancholia without eating fodder before dying. It is easily infectious.

It has been known that there is no medicine for the disease but preventive measure.

The scientists of the institute have perfected the vaccine developed over 10 years ago, while the research into the epizootic disease is being deepened in the world.

It has been proved that the vaccine is harmless and can prevent piglets completely from dying of coli bacillus-caused disease.

Also the scientists have established a new vaccination system so as to raise the efficacy of vaccine.

The vaccine production centers built in various parts of the country are mass-producing vaccine for stock-breeding farms and rural households.