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Sunday, February 19th, 2006

From their website: 

Tom J. Payne frequently travels to the north of China to Liaoning Province and the commercial region of the DPRK.  Specifically, we are active in the Dandong region which is the main city bordering on North Korea.   This allows us a close up view and quick jaunts into the Worker’s paradise.   Our friends at the Liaoning Import Export Corporation conduct around 90 percent of their business with the North, and trade food, for steel.  They operate duty free stores and restaurants in the capital city and even sell automobiles to VIP communist leaders.  Here are just a few images from the frontier.  Give Tom a call if you want to learn more about what is really going on in North Korea.  [email protected]   (Although we are not allowed to do anything, there, we certainly know people who are!) Until last week!  The doors are now open, and we will be presenting information on doing business with the Hermit Kingdom! 

He ansers the following quesitons:

What is the business climate like?
Do the North Koreans Pay their Bills?
Are there small business opportunities?
Are there private businesses operating in the DPRK?
What about all of the aid organizations etc…
What can a foreigner source in the DPRK?
What do the North Koreans Need? 
Will the political climate change?
How does a westerner survive there?
Can you access the internet from there?