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Natural Medicines Produced in DPRK

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007


The world medical circles call for producing natural medicines today when various synthetic medicines are rampant.

The Unphasan Pharmaceutical Institute of the DPRK has developed and perfected natural medicines efficacious for the diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hyperlipemia, diabetes, obesity, hyperuricemia, hepatitis and pancreatitis which should be treated for a long time. Now the medicines are being applied to clinical treatment.

Director of the institute Sonu Su Yong told KCNA that the research team has developed medicines with natural substances as their main raw material and they are made an effective use in the treatment of diseases.

He went on to say:

To prevent the break of immune systems by anticancer agent, antituberclosis agent and other medicines, the team has made immune activator-Immunoton injection from fish skin. The injection is efficacious for the treatment and prevention of diseases including the acute and chronic hepatitis and pancreatitis.

Discle is potent for hyperlipemia. It, which has no side effect and prevents the disease from returning, is more effective than Symbastatin.

High-Ins is made of various natural substances. It improves insulin selectivity. It is good for the treatment of diabetes.

Health food Defatty is potent for simplex obesity which has not high lipid in blood. Among the newly developed medicines are health food Lipohepa for liver, health food Kumsanjong for hyperuricemia, health food Chitosan for hyperlipemia and osteoarthrosis and combined enzyme health food Dipansin for the digestive diseases. They are all patented medicines made by the institute with natural medical stuffs.