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Golf Courses Due in Kaesong

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Korea Times
Kim Yon-se

Hyundai Asan is considering building three golf courses in Kaesong, North Korea, by 2012 as its first round of development projects at the Kaesong Industrial Complex have almost been completed.

According to sources, the inter-Korean tourism operator of Hyundai Group is in talks with the North to build an 18-hole golf course in the North Korean city by 2010 and two more by 2012.

A Hyundai Group official said the proposed golf course would be the second of its kind. One golf course has already been developed near Mount Kumgang and is scheduled to open to South Korean tourists later this year.

In a statement, however, Hyundai Asan predicted that it will take some time before the plan is realized as the North’s stance has yet to decided.

The company said talks between the two countries for the second development project would be possible after the first project is completed.

North Korea has stirred controversy by negotiating with a small South Korean company, Unico, to build a golf course despite its initial contract with Hyundai Asan to develop golf courses around the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Since last July, the North has banned South Korean visitors to the industrial complex from visiting the city’s downtown area including historic sites.

Hundreds of South Koreans, mostly businesspeople and government officials, had been allowed to make an excursion to the city of Kaesong during their visit to the industrial complex.

Hyundai had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Emerson Pacific Group, which has been constructing golf courses at the scenic resort area at Mount Kumgang, for the project in Kaesong.