Exploring North Korean Arts

Rüdiger Frank has edited a new book, Exploring North Korean Arts, which was published in April of this year. Other authors include: Aidan Foster-Carter, Koen De Ceuster, Frank Hoffmann, Keith Howard, Kate Hext, Jane Portal, Brian Myers , Dafna Zur, James E. Hoare.

You can read Frank’s article in the book, “The Political Economy of North Korean Arts”, here.

Michael Rank has written a review of the book in the Asia Times.

If you are interested in this topic, also check out Art Under Control in North Korea, Illusuve Utopia, Art of the DPRK (Koryo Tours), North Korean Posters: The David Heather Collection.

Here is my humble contribution to the topic: “Where do NK artists find inspiration

I have a list of the most relevant North Korean books and films here. Please let me know if there should be additions.


One Response to “Exploring North Korean Arts”

  1. Béline says:

    First of all, compliments with your most informing and interesting blog. I looked at your list of films/documentarys about the DPRK. I do miss several documentary’s, however, since there not for sale however, maybe that’s the intention. The documentary’s I’m talking about are ‘Pyongyang Crescendo’ to be seen on Vimeo and the German languaged ‘Nord Korea-Einblicke in ein verschlossenes Land’ which is to be found on YouTube. The last one is interessting because of the unsual insides of a home in Chongyin and the first is again, another view on NK, but a very different one.
    And of course I missed the buyable movie ‘The red Chappel’, a Danish movie -Det rode Kapell- which is a hilarious movie/documentary where as best scene, an Danish handicapped man is wheelchaired in front – mind you- of an official parade!
    We’ll never see that again!   
    Sorry for grammar mistakes, I’m not English by nature but Dutch.