Wonsan and other market developments

UPDATE: Some of these images were picked up by Radio Free Asia and Yonhap.

ORIGINAL POST: Google has provided new imagery of Wonsan, the capital of Kangwon Province. Using satellite imagery we can see the continued expansion of the city’s markets.

Pictured below is the formalization of Wonsan’s largest market (39.145886°, 127.455761°):

(Above) The image on the top-left is from Google Earth and it is dated 2002-11-11.  The picture on the top-right is from Bing Maps and the date is not known.  The bottom image is from Google Earth and it is dated 2009-10-3.

We can also see the formalization and expansion of a street market only 900m to the west (39.148420°, 127.443440°):

(Above) In the left-side picture dated 2002-11-11 you can see a small street market.  In the right hand picture dated 2009-10-3 you can see a large formal market has been constructed in city.

The growth in the numbers and sizes of markets throughout the country is not limited to provincial capitals.  This process can be seen in the smaller county capitals and worker’s districts as well. Below are some less prestigious examples:

Sunchon’s Puhung-dong  market upgrade (순천군, 부흥동: 39.485129°, 126.012211°):


Kangryon market expansion (강령군: 37.906801°, 125.505416°):

Ongjin Market expansion (옹진군: 37.928589°, 125.364248°):

But sometimes the process can move in reverse.  Here in Saepyol (새별군: 42.813426°, 130.205220°), the market was replaced by new housing.  I have still not located a replacement market in this city, though one will likely emerge.  In the meantime, people will simply trade in the streets or in a vacant plot of land:

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