Heju market update

Google Earth has recently updated the imagery of the DPRK’s southern city of Haeju.  Here are some of the new attractions (click images for larger version):

Mass rally:
In front of Haeju’s Kim il Sung statue


Market update:
The street market near Haeju’s stadium has been closed

haejumarketgone1.JPG haejumarketgone2.JPG

However, a new market opened up in the south of the city:

haeju-new-market.JPG haeju-new-market2.JPG

In fact, they seem to have constructed a new market district in the city:

new-haeju-market-street.JPG haeju-market-street-2.JPG

New factory:
Located in the Haeju’s north west. I am unsure what they manufacture:

haeju-new-factory.JPG haeju-newfactory.JPG


2 Responses to “Heju market update”

  1. Quakeulf :3 says:

    Judging from the quality of the structures based on the level of detail the images provide me, it seems DPRK does have some skilled labour after all. The blue roof is a strange feature though. Why that colour?