New CRS reports on DPRK and…

First item…In the right-hand menu there is a page where I archive Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports on North Korea.  I added couple of recent publications today:

North Korea: Terrorism List Removal?
February 2, 2009

US Assistance to North Korea
December 24, 2008

Second item…Koryo Tours, the longest running tour company to operate in the DPRK, has revamped their web page.  Check out this year’s tour dates and locations—some of which are newly opened.  Mass games will (likely) be held again this year.

Third item…Fellow adventure traveler Paul Lucaks (who blogs at Knife Tricks) published a book review of Charles Jenkins’s The Reluctant CommunistCheck it out here.


One Response to “New CRS reports on DPRK and…”

  1. Mike Madden says:

    The Koryo Tour page is really impressive.