New Google Earth imagery

Google Earth has some new satellite imagery of Pyongyang. Here are some of the new things:

We can see the new Mansudae Area construction (AKA Changjon Street)–visited by Kim Jong-un:

I previously blogged a photo of this area here.

We can see the new Breast Cancer Research Institute located at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital–visited by Kim Jong-un:

We can see the new Ryugyong Health Complex and outdoor ice skating ring–visited by Kim Jong-un:

We can see the new Rungra Fun Fair, water slides, and dolphin aquarium–visited by Kim Jong-un:

We can also the construction of a new health complex on the site that used to be the Yanggak Golf Course:

I blogged about this here.

We can also see progress on the convention center and hotel space going up behind the Koryo Hotel:

We can see the new KPA Exhibition of Arms and Equipment in Mangyongdae–visited by Kim Jong-un ( h/t reader):

I previously blogged about this here.

And someone in the Ryongsong Kim Family compound is getting a home makeover (h/t reader)!

New Taekwondo Hall:

New National Gift Hall in Mangyongdae which features Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il statues:

This gift hall was first mentioned on the North Korean evening news on 2012-9-6:


8 Responses to “New Google Earth imagery”

  1. Abazovic Aldin says:

     39° 0’23.11″N 125°40’40.71″E What kind of new complex is this?

  2. Abazovic Aldin says:

     39° 0’59.11″N 125°40’53.24″E Another finished building. Looks like some kind of sports hall.

  3. Dsoj says:

    I am still waiting for the Streetview.

  4. BMC says:

    In the Kim family compound, immediately to the North-West of the big swimming pool with a slide (about 39 deg 07’22” N 125 deg 48’31” E), there is something new that looks like a track of some kind… any idea what that could be?

  5. guest says:

    “39° 0’59.11″N 125°40’53.24″E Another finished building. Looks like some kind of sports hall”
    Yep, it’s the new Taekwando Center:

  6. Guest says:

    A new construction project taking shape in the city center near the Tadeong river. Anybody has a clue what it is?
    39° 0’40.17″N 125°45’11.91″E

    And two more new structures, possibly that new restaurant/fish shop?
    39° 2’26.55″N 125°44’28.79″E

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