Yanggakdo Golf Course is no more…

UPDATE 2: A recent tourist who visited Yanggak Island in Pyongyang sent in this photo near the construction site:


UPDATE 1 (2012-7-17): It looks like the progress on this Chinese-funded health complex on Yangak Island is continuing.  I found this recent photo taken by a tourist:

ORIGINAL POST (2011-11-29):


Pictured above (L) is a Google Earth satellite image of the Yanggakdo Golf Club as of 2010-10-6.  Pictured to the right is the course as it looks “today”.  It has been removed.  It looks like something new is being constructed in its place!

Although this nine-hole course has been destroyed, there are still several golf options available in the DPRK if you get the chance:

Pyongyang Golf Course (18 holes):

Google Earth:  38.893709°, 125.435921°


Kumgangsan Golf course (18 holes):

Google Earth:  38.712574°, 128.213298°


KEDO Driving Range:

Google Earth:  40.045135°, 128.322831°


Pyongyang Driving Range:

Google Earth:  39.011826°, 125.694263°


And this three-hole course at an exclusive leadership compound (Wonhung-ri, Samsok-guyok, Pyongyang):

Google Earth:  39.110016°, 125.996765°


4 Responses to “Yanggakdo Golf Course is no more…”

  1. Ivancurtis says:

    I played Yanggakdo in September. The entire course smelled of sewage, there were no map or hole numbers. The course was like trying to play golf on a bog. I actually lost my ball on the fairway. The greens were like obstacle courses of weeds, and the whole course had a strong farm/sewage smell. Still… a real shame.

  2. Josephferris76 says:

    My photo of the Yanggakdo Golf Course – Aug 2011