Kwangbok Department Store rebate promotion

A visitor to the DPRK  sent in the picture below.  The photo was taken inside the Kwangbok Area Supermarket, and it gives the impression that the institution is aggressively seeking to earn a profit. How many other socialist department stores are offering temporary rebates?

Here is a translation of the sign:

알 림

우대표 발급 : (기간 : 4.15 – 4.29)
Preferential issuance : (Date: 4.15 – 4.29)

10만원이상 상품을 산 경우 5000원 (우대표)
Buy more than 100,000 KPW and get 5,000 KPW (preferential coupon)

20만원이상 상품을 산 경우 10000원 (우대표)
Buy more than 200,000 KPW and get 10,000 KPW (preferential coupon)

20만원이상 상품을 산 경우 식당에서 음식물의 총 가격의 10%를 무료봉사
If you buy more than 200,000 KPW you get 10% free service of the total at the food restaurant

100만원이상 상품을 산 경우 식당에서 영구적인 우대봉사 받을 수 있는 카드 1장과 10000원 우대표
If you buy more than 1,000,000 KPW you can get one lifetime preferential service coupon and 10,000 KPW (preferential coupon)

※ 우대표는 4.29일까지 사용할 수 있음.
※ Preferential coupon can be used until April 29

Learn more about the very interesting Kwangbok Area Supermarket here.


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  1. John 성욱 says:

    Nice interesting post. One little editing issue though, KRW is South Korean won. North Korean won is abbreviated KPW.