Friday Fun: clearing out the inbox

Ultimate Frisbee – Pyongyang

Pictured Above: Taesongsan Park where the games will be held.  Also the site of the DPRK’s first cricket match.

Time is running out to sign up for the DPRK’s first Ultimate Frisbee tournament.  Find more information here. This is a Facebook page, so you might not have access depending on where you are seeing this web page.  If you would like to know more, get in touch with Koryo Tours.


Choson Exchange Update

Choson Exchange posted a whole bunch of new photos to their Facebook page which were taken on their September 2010 visit to the DPRK .  See the photos here.


Kim Jong-il’s daughter on guidance trips?

A clever North Korea blogger in Poland (h/t Leonid Petrov) seems to have identified Kim Jong-il’s daughter in the entourage that accompanied the Great Leader on his recent visit to Pyongyang’s Department Store No. 1.


Synchronized Swimming

North Korea’s synchronized swimming team competed in the final of the free combination synchronized swimming competition in the FINA World Championships in Shanghai on July 21, 2011.  Lots of photos (as shown above) are at  Sorry ladies, I don’t think the DPRK (or anyone else) has a men’s synchronized swimming team.  A quick search on YouTube revealed only joke videos.


Lankov on the DPRK’s fiction
Andrei Lankov writes an interesting piece on the role of fiction in North Korean society…and how it reflects foreign policy!  Read the article here.


Sand Art Redux
Uriminzokkiri has posted another “Sand Art” piece to their YouTube account.  You can watch it here.  This one is very different from the first which surfaced a couple of weeks ago.


NPR’s Planet Money on the DPRK’s international trade
Listen to the podcast here.


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