Japanese earthquake disrupts Chongryun web page

UPDATE 3 (2011-4-9): After posting the news from April 1-6, the site appears to be out of service again. Here is the statement posted to the web page:


According to Google Translate:

Interference has occurred due to the earthquake East.
You may postpone the delivery of the report for that.

UPDATE 1 (2011-4-6): The web page appears to be fixed today.  So it looks like the site was temporarily down from March 21-April 6.

ORIGINAL POST (2011-4-5): Elufa.net is the premier web destination to watch North Korea’s evening news broadcasts.  It has not been updated for several days (appx. March 21).  Today I noticed a message on the screen:

The message at the bottom reads:


Here is the translation via Google Translate:

Interference has occurred due to the earthquake East. Temporary 見合Wasemasu news delivered for that purpose. Delivery will recover soon.

North Korea’s Uriminzokkiri YouTube account is still being updated with other North Korean television footage, but they are not uploading evening news broadcasts.


2 Responses to “Japanese earthquake disrupts Chongryun web page”

  1. WITWIB says:

    I usually watch recorded North Korean broadcasts here: http://www.56.com/h40/uv.albumlist.php?user=ugotcool
    But it seems there haven’t been any updates since around mid-February. I think maybe they changed their user name…?

  2. WITWIB says:

    This post got me wondering so I searched and found another site by the same user: http://www.tudou.com/home/ugotcool/
    Here the broadcasts are up to date.