ROK to set public sector employment quota for DPRK defectors

According to the Choson Ilbo:

The government will set a 1-percent quota for North Korean defectors in administrative assistant jobs at public agencies, it said Thursday. The government made the decision on the assumption that about 3,000 North Koreans arrive in South Korea on average every year who have a hard time adapting to their new environment partly due to difficulties finding jobs.

Some 200 North Korean defectors are expected to be employed as administrative assistants this year, given that the total hired by the central and local governments is about 20,000 annually.

A Ministry of Public Administration and Security spokesman said the government “decided to take the lead in hiring North Korean defectors to raise awareness of them and encourage private companies to follow suit.”

The ministry plans to ask former and current public servants to serve as mentors for defectors and give them a training course through which they can develop their skills.

According to the ministry, the total number of defectors stood at 7,687 in 2005 and is expected to exceed the 30,000 mark in 2013.

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1% of Public-Sector Jobs to Go to N.Korean Defectors
Choson Ilbo


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