Wonsan leadership compound upgraded

Several days ago, the Daily NK reported on the reconstruction of a few elite compounds in the DPRK.  See the previous post here.  Satellite imagery on Google Earth also reveals that a compound in Wonsan has been refurbished.

Wonsan compound 2002
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Wonsan compounf 2009
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Although the satellite imagery for 2009 is not particularly clear, it is easy to observe that the main complex, in the center of the screen, has been rebuilt and modernized.  There is no more lake.  It also appears that several beach guest houses or cabanas have been built on the eastern shore.

Given the sum of my knowledge about this particular location (which is minimal), I believe this compound is intended for use by KPA officials.  This is because it is located across the Wonsan Bay from a much larger elite complex for members of the Worker’s Party. See the map below:

Additionally, this site has been the location of two high-profile artillery tests by KPA units 681 and 851. See here and here.

If you are aware of any publications which discuss this compound, please let me know.


2 Responses to “Wonsan leadership compound upgraded”

  1. Matt says:

    Looking at the 2009 photo, off to the East there is a row of new construction. This construction has very wide roads and looks to be very-well laid out. Any ideas what they are? From the hazy picture they look like either medium sized houses, or artillery firing positions. The latter does not make sense, given the proximity to the huge mansion and the lack of any supporting infrastructure in the immediate area. Ideas?

  2. James says:

    I recall seeing the large building at the tip of the peninsula from across the bay at the foreigner’s hotel (which is located midway between your WP and KPA sites at the point where the walkway to the little island in the bay starts). My guide said it was a fancy hotel for the army.

    In addition (you may know, but you said you knowledge was minimal) we went to the buildings immediately south of the WP compound across the river. This was an international children’s school where supposedly children from around the world came to study. Like most places, it was monolithic and fairly deserted but there were kids there who got pretty excited to see us. They were however, quickly shooed away by the “teachers”.