UPDATE 2:  The Nosotek staff have produced a short video of the staff at work on their computers.  You can see it on YouTube here.

UPDATE 1: Here is a list of Nosotek’s services and prices.  Click here to read in PDF.

ORIGINAL POST: Nosotek is the first western IT joint-venture company in the DPRK.  According to their web page:

nosotek.JPGIn DPRK, software engineers are selected from the mathematics elite and learn programming from the ground-up, such as assembler to C+, but also Linux kernel and Visual Basic macros.

Among them, Nosotek has attracted the cream of local talent as the only company in Pyongyang offering western working conditions and Internet access.

In addition to the accessible skill level Nosotek was set-up in DPRK because IP secrecy and minimum employee churn rate are structurally guaranteed.

Nosotek sells direct access to its 50+ programmers jointly managed by western and local managers.

Services can be invoiced through a Hong Kong or Chinese company.

Benefit from North Korea’s opening, outsource to Nosotek

Our special application development service offerings include:

1. Tailor-made eBusiness solutions
2. Integrated Content Management solutions
3. Application Development
4. Research & Development
5. Special Component Based Software Development
6. Videogame Development

Interestingly, Nosotek has a YouTube channel where you can see demos of the videogames being produced in the DPRK for mobile phones.  Check out their video demos here.

Here are some intereviews with the company’s directors: Volker Eloesser, Ju Jong Chol


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  1. Now you can have a rare glimpse into Nosotek and see its staff at work and, towards the end, during leisure activities on
    Here, you can also find interesting videos on other foreign business activities in North Korea.

  2. The elite of North Korea offer to write tailor made eBusiness solutions for capitalist businesses. It would be interesting to follow these programmers thru life. In the future will they be stigmatized for this exposure to corrupting influences? In order to write a business application, they must study capitalist documents and learn capitalist concepts. The average citizen would be sent to a re-education camp for reading the same documents.