US religionists perform at Pyongyang Friendship Festival

UPDATE:  According to the band (via Christian Post):

“Made many friends. We performed twice and were awarded for the performance of Lifesong,” he added Monday. “We also recorded the Korean song, White Dove, in their studio in Pyongyang.”

ORIGINAL POST: According to the Christian Post:

Contemporary Christian band Casting Crowns will again participate in North Korea’s annual Spring Friendship Arts Festival but this time won’t be the only U.S. Christian group there performing.

The Grammy Award-winning band will be joined by the Annie Moses Band (AMB), a five-sibling ensemble whose ages range from ten to 24.

“In early December we received an official invitation from the North Korean government to perform in the Spring Friendship Arts Festival,” AMB lead vocalist and violinist Annie Wolaver told The Christian Post on Friday.

“We have been praying for many years that the Lord would open doors for us to tour overseas. We had some grand visions of playing Celtic jigs in the Scottish highlands, but instead He opened a door that was entirely unexpected,” she reported.

Two years ago, Casting Crowns was invited to perform at the 25th Annual April Spring Arts Festival with help from Global Resource Services (GRS), which has worked in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – the official name of North Korea – for more than a decade.

The annual Spring Arts Festival reportedly emphasizes artistic exchange and promotes peace and good will.

According to GRS, the band was well received and even drew praise from the vice chairman of the festival, Jang Chol-sun, who expressed his hope that groups like GRS, Casting Crowns and the people of North Korea can work together to bring unity and peace.

Here is a web page by Jason Carter who performed in this show some years ago.

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Casting Crowns to Return to North Korea for ‘Friendship’ Festival
By Josh Kimball
Christian Post


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  1. Hal says:

    I just found from that Casting Crowns was playing in North Korea. That just blows me away that they would even allow a full on Christian music group to perform there. Amazing!