How valuable is a North Korean Passport?

UPDATE:  Hat tip to Stafford who provides a link to the Henley Visa Restrictions Index.

ORIGINAL POST: (Hat tip to Will Wilkinson)  How many countries can you visit on your passport without obtaining a visa?  According to a recent table compiled by The Economist, Denmark, Germany, and the USA offer the most opportunities.   According to the story, “South Koreans could visit 144 countries, whereas North Koreans could visit just 29 countries—if only their government would let them out.”

Below is the table taken from The Economist



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  1. Cordelia says:

    For the record: Among European countries there is nothing special about either Germany or Denmark: Countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland etc will no doubt have near identical Visa waiver rights to Denmark/Germany! Denmark and Germany must have been chosen as a representation of an average prosperous EU country with no military affiliations.

    Another thing worth notiing is that Denmark has a very low rate of non-European refugees compared with France, the UK and even Sweden. In the eyes of some nations this may be taken as a sign of a lower risk of middle-Eastern extremists “camouflaged” as EU citizens…

  2. Stafford says:

    Interesting list but a bit misleading. While citizens of Denmark are the winners, with visa free entrance to 157 countries places 2-10 are shared by some 24 contries. Finland, Ireland and Portugal make up 2nd place while Belgium, Germany, Sweden and The US round out the top 3.
    Of the two passports I hold Australia is alone at number 7 with 151 countries allowing visa free access, and New Zealand shares 8th place with Singapore at 150.
    Full list here:

  3. NKeconWatch says:

    Thanks for the full list Stafford!

  4. This brings up the question…to which 29 countries can DPRK citizens travel without a Visa?!

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