Koryo Tours August 2008 Newsletter

Koryo Tours has tremendous access to the DPRK and they are pursuing several interesting projects.  Check out their newsletter here.  Of special note, there will be two different mass games performances this summer/autumn.  From the newsletter:

As before the big news though in terms of tourism in DPRK is the Mass Games event – this year for the first time two different performances have been arranged with the classic Arirang show being performed on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat, and the brand new, not-yet-seen (even by the critics!) Prosper the Motherland! taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Both of these shows feature the full complement of 100,000 performers in the May Day Stadium and both will run to approx 90 minutes offering anyone who s there the chance to witness what is simply the greatest show on Earth, some information on the events can be found here. The Olympics will pale in comparison… a double dose of Mass Games will undoubtedly be vastly superior to the sight of amateur athletes running around in circles and throwing things!

Also, Nick Bonner is producing a new (non-documentary) film in North Korea. The plot, according to the newsletter:

Comrade Kim goes Flying – we are in development with our new romantic comedy feature film…to be filmed in Pyongyang with Korean cast and crew….more about this later – but a coal miner dreams of flying on the trapeze until she is thwarted by the strong man….

UPDATE: Here is an interview with KT’s Simon Cockerell on Interview Blog.


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