Kumgang/Kaesong tourism strong in first quarter of 2008

Although business seems to have stalled in the Kaesong Industrial Zone,¬†Hyundai Asan’s tourism projects have picked up this year.

From Yonhap: 

As many as 100,300 South Koreans toured Mount Geumgang so far this year, up from 58,000 a year earlier, according to a spokesman for Hyundai Asan, Hyundai Group’s arm dealing with business with North Korea.

Hyundai Asan officials expect more than 500,000 South Korean to visit the North’s mountain resort this year alone, up from last year’s 350,000.

A total of 40,090 South Koreans also visited the North’s medieval capital city of Kaesong during the first four months this year, Hyundai officials said, adding they recently increased the daily quota for South Korean visitors to Kaesong to 500 from 300.

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More South Koreans toured North Korea despite chill in ties


2 Responses to “Kumgang/Kaesong tourism strong in first quarter of 2008”

  1. Werner Koidl says:

    Is there any update on the Hyundai-Asan tours to Paektu-san. It was announced that the tours should start in May.