North Korea launches anti avian flu procedures

UPDATE: From the Associated Press (Printed in the Herald Tribune):

The North’s Korean Central News Agency quoted quarantine official Ri Kyong Gun as saying all poultry in provinces near the border with the South have received emergency vaccinations, citing a bird flu outbreak in southern South Korea.

Ri was quoted as saying the North has also set up 1,600 observation posts along the east and west coasts to monitor the movement of migratory birds — which he said are a key way the virus spreads.

Bird flu hit North Korea in 2005, leading to the killing of about 210,000 birds, but no new cases have been reported since then.

Original Post:
North Korea sets up emergency body to fight  bird flu

From the article:

North Korea said on Wednesday that it has set up an emergency unit to tackle possible bird flu outbreaks after the disease spread widely in South Korea.

“The emergency state quarantine committee was formed to work out national plans to prevent a possible outbreak of bird flu,” said a television channel.

The committee will coordinate quarantine measures by local governments, the TV said, adding that it was set up on the instructions of leader Kim Jong-Il.

The North has reported no new case since it destroyed 210,000 chickens during an outbreak in 2005.

It has since actively taken part in anti-epidemic programmes offered by the World Health Organisation.

Several days ago, the DPRK banned South Korean poultry from the Kaesong Industrial Zone.

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