South Korean companies gearing up to rush north, part x

Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein

Hardly a day goes by without a new article on South Korean companies or business interests eyeing investments in North Korea as a golden opportunity. Here’s the Korean Tourism Association (from Joongang Daily):

Attracting both local and foreign travelers to lesser-known mountains and rivers across the peninsula is one of the goals of the Korea Tourism Organization under its newly appointed president Ahn Young-bae.

In the spirit of easing tensions between North and South Korea, Ahn plans to set up a team that will focus on promoting travel throughout both countries.

“If the relationship between the South and North [improves], ‘peace travel’ will really start to take off,” said Ahn during his first press conference, adding that this is one way to develop unique tour programs that can appeal to many travelers.

To develop new ideas to make the tourism industry in Korea more sustainable, Ahn also plans to set up a new tourism big data center. Here, he said, one can find out which areas are becoming popular vacation spots and what travelers are purchasing during their time away from home so that the travel industry can set up better marketing strategies. While a future management team, another initiative Ahn plans to start, will focus on how to make such changes, a value management team will conduct research based on the data and present their findings to the organization.

Full article:
KTO sees opportunity up North : New president plans to use big data to improve local tourism
Lee Sun-Min
Joongang Daily



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