5th Rason International Trade Fair

UPDATE 2 (2015-8-25): KCNA offers a summary:

5th Rason International Trade Exhibition Held

The 5th Rason International Trade Exhibition was held in the DPRK.
The exhibition drew at least 90 units from the DPRK, Russia, Italy, Dominica, Germany and other countries.

Yury Viktorovich Bochkarev, consul general of the Russian Federation in Chongjin, the DPRK, said that eight Russian companies took part in the exhibition sponsored on a high level.

It is expected that more Russian businessmen will participate in the exhibition next year, too, to have contracts or cooperation with the DPRK, he added.

Felix Glenk, senior researcher of the delegation of the Hanns Seidel Foundation, said that his delegation sought business opportunities for the development of the Rason economic and trade zone in the fields of environment and economic cooperation.

Michael Spavor, a staff of the Paektu Culture Exchange in Britain, expressed the will to redouble efforts for the DPRK.

UPDATE 1 (2015-8-23): Rason International Trade Exhibition Held. According to KCNA:

The 5th Rason International Trade Exhibition took place in Rason City from Aug. 20 to 23.
Displayed in the exhibition were more than 600 kinds of electric and electronic products, foodstuff, daily necessities, medicines and others presented by the DPRK, Russia, Germany, Dominica, Italy, China, Canada and other countries.

Officials and people in Rason City and foreigners visited the venue of the exhibition.

During the exhibition there were exchange of views to expand cooperation, exchange and trade transactions in an all-round-way among companies of different countries and a discussion on the investment in the Rason Economic Trade Zone.

ORIGINAL POST (2015-8-20): The trade fair opens. According to KCNA:

5th Rason International Trade Exhibition Opens

The 5th Rason International Trade Exhibition opened in Rason City with due ceremony on Thursday.

Displayed at the exhibition are electric and electronic products, light industrial goods, foodstuff, daily necessities, medicines, agricultural and marine products, household articles and vehicles presented by of at least 90 units of the DPRK, Russia, Germany, Dominica, Italy, China, Canada and other countries.

The participants laid a floral basket before the portraits of smiling President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il displayed in the Rason Exhibition Hall and paid tribute to them.

Attending the ceremony were Jo Jong Ho, chairman of the Rason City People’s Committee who is also chairman of the organizing committee of the exhibition, officials concerned, people in the city, and the Russian consul-general in Chongjin, delegates of different countries, those who presented products to the exhibition and foreign businessmen active in the Rason economic and trade zone.

An opening address and congratulatory speeches were made.

The speakers said that the beautiful port city of Rason has become the venue of the 5th Rason International Trade Exhibition thanks to the common aspiration and sincere efforts of governments, enterprises and trading companies of different countries.

They noted that DPRK is developing foreign trade and actively accelerating technical modernization of the national economy on the basis of the latest science and technology and has already laid an institutional and legal groundwork for developing and revitalizing economic and trade zones.

They said that the exhibition would offer a good opportunity for promoting friendship and solidarity among countries and further developing economy and trade.

There took place a reception that day.


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