UK publishes an updated list of sanctioned DPRK individuals/entities

You can see the list here (PDF). I have added this to my DPRK economic statistics page.

There is no similar list (as best I can tell) published by the US government (Please correct me if I am wrong). But links to tools created by the different offices in the US government can be found on my DPRK economic statistics page. I suspect a little research on with tools could be used to produce such a list. The closest I have seen to a complete list is here (PDF).

UPDATE: Josh Stanton offers this link.

NK News reports that the European Commission also tightened sanctions on the DPRK.

See Josh Stanton’s summary here.


One Response to “UK publishes an updated list of sanctioned DPRK individuals/entities”

  1. Joshua Stanton says:

    There is a similar list published by the U.S. government. It’s the Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals. Here’s the version sorted by country.

    There are a few other Chinese entities that are designated under Executive Order 13382 for proliferating to North Korea. Entities designated for proliferation have the code “NPWMD,” although the vast majority of entities so coded are designated for proliferating to Iran and other states.

    The list you linked is a list of recent updated to the SDN list, so you were close.