Weekend fun: Pyongyang tilt shift

It has been a long time since I did a “fun” post. Since there are so many North Korea bloggers and writers these days, it is hard to find as much unique material to highlight, or by the time you get around to it, 15 other North Korea bloggers and news organizations have already posted it… This post has been in my draft folder for ages, however, so I should probably just get it out there…

Miniature Pyongyang

Several photographers have been able to use a tilt-shift photograpy to create “miniature” pictures of the DPRK. I find them fascinating. Here are some of the pictures I have found online:


Full size photos and others like it can be found here.

Here is a tilt-shift photo of the DMZ.

Here and here are two more great examples captured from the Juche Tower.

Here is a photo of the Juche Tower.

Here is one of the Kim Il-sung statue in Chongjin.


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