Red Cross to increase aid to DPRK in 2014

According to Yonhap:

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said Wednesday that it plans to give US$7.15 million worth of aid to North Korea in 2014, up 7.8 percent from this year.

The organization also said in its updated 2012-15 long-term report that it will allocate $7.96 million for 2015 to help the communist country.

The report showed that the IFRC set aside $6.63 million to help the impoverished country this year, up from $4.40 million spent in 2012.

It said money will be spent on improving public health, sanitation and infrastructure to help the North upgrade its ability to cope with natural disasters.

The report added that Red Cross aims to help around 350,000 North Koreans who are vulnerable to disasters and poverty.

The IFRC, meanwhile, speculated that there were over 3.13 million North Koreans who were displaced form their homes, with 147 having lost their lives due to various natural disasters last year.

The North was hard hit by torrential rains and Typhoon Bolaven in the summer of 2012.

Read the full story here:
Int’l Red Cross aid to N. Korea to rise 7.8 pct in 2014


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