My Twitter impersonator…

It would be understandable if you thought I (Curtis Melvin) was the person behind the @NKeconWatch account on Twitter, but you would be mistaken. It appears that someone is impersonating me on Twitter.


To the person who set the account up: I have made multiple attempts to contact you, but you have not replied to any of my messages. That is not very professional for the following reasons:

1. All the people following you think they are following me.

2. All of the people you are following think I am following them.

3. All of the people contacting you think they are contacting me.

Please leave a comment in this post (or contact me on twitter/facebook/email) so we can start talking.  Otherwise I am going to have Twitter shut the account down–and I don’t want to do that.  But I do want to know who you are and how to reach you so we can make all of this a little more transparent.


Curtis (aka @CurtisMelvin)


10 Responses to “My Twitter impersonator…”

  1. Guest says:

    I blame  ANDY BOROWITZ (@KimJongNumberUn:disqus )

  2. Spriggan says:

    Hanz brix ???? OH NOOOO

  3. nannasin smith says:

     have not replied to messages.

  4. You didn’t already have this Twitter handle? Man!

  5. FoxtrotSierra says:

    Have you seen this video? Not sure if its real. You didn’t have a contact form.

  6. Benjamin R. Young says:

    Very bizarre. …Oh the internet

  7. Benjamin R. Young says:

    Also I hope you are able to shut down the account. Any new leads?

  8. alex says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much Curtis, it appears to simply be an automated feed of your posts – yes it’s annoying that you didn’t set that up first but I guess it’s just someone ‘providing a service’. I highly doubt Twitter would take it down. For now at least it seems to only be doing you positive PR!