K-Pop: The new ping-pong diplomacy to North Korea?

Date: October 18th (Thursday), 6:30pm
Location: New York: Learning Center, Unification Church, 4W 43rd Street (2 blocks from Grand Central Station)

Tickets are free but seating is limited. To RSVP, please visit us at www.hanconcert.org

There are increasing evidence of outside media trickling into the tightly locked country- South Korean dramas are a hit in the North Korean black markets. Will Korean popular culture (K-pop) be the new ping-pong diplomacy? Will the increase in informational flow have an impact in the general North Korean psyche- is a North Korean Arab Spring to be expected?

Celeste Headlee (NPR, Host/Correspondent)

L. Gordon Flake (Mansfield Foundation, Executive Director)
Nathaniel Kretchun (InterMedia, Associate Director)
Lucas Dixon (Google Ideas, Engineering Lead)


One Response to “K-Pop: The new ping-pong diplomacy to North Korea?”

  1. GagHalfrunt says:

    Interesting choice of venue, considering the links between the Unification Church and North Korea.

    As for K-Pop as ping-pong diplomacy, doesn’t the term imply official government to government engagement? I’ll believe it when Girl’s Generation get invited to play the Mass Games Stadium. 🙂