KPA Navy Units 790 and 158

Last night I loaded Google Earth and took the time to track down the KPA Navy units Kim Jong-un recently visited (as one does).

According to KCNA (2012-2-6), Kim Jong-un inspected the Command of Combined Unit 597 of the KPA Navy and its units. The specific units he visited were the 790 and 158 Units. For more details of the visit, check out this NK Leadership Watch post.

Unit 790 is in Rakwon county (락원군) at Google Earth Coordinates:  39.902029°, 127.866356°

Click image for larger version

Unit 158 is also based in Rakwon county (39.875964°, 127.779881°) on the other side of the the hill from the Kim family residential compound, “Building No. 72”. We know about this leadership residence because Kenji Fujimoto visited here. Kim Jong-un is likely residing here as he tours the area:

Click image for larger version

Or maybe that is just what they want us to think?

Interestingly, in the location where Kim Jong-un was said to have visited KPA Navy Unit 158, Kim Jong-il visited on November 27, 2009—except then it was the Command of KPA Navy Combined Unit 587. So this could mean a couple of different things to the non-military-expert (me). Either KPA Navy Combined Units 587 and 597 are headquartered in the same location, or they are the same unit with a different name. Other ideas and theories welcome.


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