100,000 Chinese visit Sinuiju in past year

According to Yonhap:

The number of Chinese visitors to North Korea’s border town of Sinuiju has reached 100,000 over the past year after Beijing lifted a four-year ban on Chinese group tours from the Chinese border city of Dandong, a news report said Friday.

Dandong, which borders Sinuiju, is a major trade route between North Korea and China.

The Chinese government resumed the group tours to Sinuiju from Dandong in April last year, a Dandong newspaper said, adding the number of Chinese tourists to Sinuiju is likely to go up in the coming months.

The one-day group tour program allows the Chinese to visit Sinuiju without visas.

China is the North’s last remaining ally and benefactor.

Read the full story here:
Chinese visitors to N. Korean border city top 100,000 in one year


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