Choson Exchange looking for volunteers

From the Choson Exchange Facebook Page (May 1, 2011):

We are looking for volunteers with an interest in North Korea and the right skill sets to lead workshops in Pyongyang in the September-October period, and for North Koreans outside of Pyongyang in the July-August period.

Those with the following skill sets would be most appreciated and are welcome to email us at [email protected] to discuss volunteering opportunities. Those with relevant experiences outside of these areas are welcome to join our mailing list and Facebook page to stay in touch about future opportunities:

Economic Policy
1. Fiscal & Monetary Policy
2. Business Environment Development
3. Investment Policy & Sourcing

1. Risk Management – Credit, FX, Market, Liquidity, Operational…etc.
2. Asset-Liability Matching
3. Banking IT Systems

1. Developing Business Plans
2. Feasibility Studies


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