Friday fun Smörgåsbord

1. Lots of artistic depictions of the DPRK’s traffic girls.

2. A North Korean defector runs a restaurant in the DC area.  I will have to check it out soon.

3. Hollywood is out of ideas.  Red Dawn, which I will confess to enjoying in my youth, is being remade.  This time the North Koreans are invading.  Really.

4. James Gandolfini (AKA Tony Soprano) will be portraying New Jersey’s Bar-B-Q ambassador to the DPRK. Non-fiction. Really.

5. DPRK advises people to use pets as earthquake early warning system.

6. Pyongyang goes pop: Jarvis Cocker unites the divided.

7. Aidan Foster-Carter really dislikes Homefront.

8. Protips for increased dictator longevity.



3 Responses to “Friday fun Smörgåsbord”

  1. Mieu says:

    Red Dawn’s screenwriter also worked on Homefront, a video game released last month depicting NK invasion.

  2. Mieu says:

    Oh… just saw the AFC article after hitting the send button. My bad.

    Like his analysis. Homefront’s plot is so bad it’s good!

  3. Stopped by the Alexandria restaurant last week and ordered the seafood pancake, pork, pheasant dumplings, and blood sausage ( Delicious, and much better than anything I ate in Pyongyang!