Pyongyang getting smaller…

There have been several news reports this week that Pyongyang has gotten smaller as periphery areas were transferred to another province.  I was a little confused by this news because I first read about it back in July 2010.

But anyhow, since there are not any good maps out there of the reapportionment, I will post this one I made on Google Earth:

The red and green areas combined represent Pyongyang’s boundaries up until the change.  The red areas, kangnam-gun, Junghwa-gun, Sangwon-gun, and the Sungho district, are all now counties (gun, 군 ) in North Hwanghae province.

Update (2/25/2011): The Daily NK writes about this as well.

To read speculation as to why these changes were made, check out the stories below:

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