US reduces support for Free North Korea Radio

According to Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Free North Korea Radio, a South Korea-based shortwave station targeting North Koreans, saw its annual financial support of 400,000 to 500,000 US dollars from the US government more than halved last year, a first since the station`s foundation in 2004, due to accounting errors. Mainly led by North Korean defectors, the station lets North Koreans know what is happening in both South Korea and the world by renting foreign shortwave frequencies with US funds. The broadcaster also breaks news about the isolated communist country to South Koreans. If financial support decreases, such activities cannot continue.

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US government reduces support for Free North Korea Radio
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Andy Sennitt


One Response to “US reduces support for Free North Korea Radio”

  1. Jesterj says:

    I guess that only leaves two (overt) radio stations broadcasting into the North. No money for social security, but I’m glad this James Bond project is still running.