ROK lawmaker seeks to cut off PUST funding

According to the Choson Ilbo:

A university in North Korea set up with South Korean funding has opened a research center devoted to studying former North Korean leader Kim Il-sung’s “Juche” or self-sufficiency ideology.

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, which was established with South Korean funding, opened the research center after erecting a monument honoring Kim Il-sung, Grand National Party lawmaker Yoon Sang-hyun of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification Committee said Tuesday.

He showed a photograph as proof and added, “We must immediately halt further aid for the university, which has turned into a school that propagates the personality cult surrounding the Kim dynasty.”

The university was established with donations gathered by South Korea’s Northeast Asia Foundation for Education and Culture in order to help North Korea to train experts in information and technology, agriculture and biosciences and international trade. North Korea provided the land and labor while South Korea handled the hiring of faculty and management.

The university was scheduled to open in April this year but has apparently yet to begin operations. “North Korea rejected our offer to open an MBA school while demanding that the Juche ideology be included as a prerequisite for graduation,” Yoon said. He added Seoul must make sure to transfer no technology through the university, “since North Korea may use it to develop weapons of mass destruction.”

Satellite imagery of the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) can be seen here.

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Choson Ilbo


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