ROK endorses US$7m Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund

According to Arirang News:

South Korea’s Unification Ministry on Wednesday finally endorsed the Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund worth 8 billion won, or roughly 7 million US dollars in an effort to help North Korea recover from the aftermath of summer floods.

The total cost of aid to be sent is about 12.2 million dollars with about 7 million donated by the Council for the Promotion of Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation, chaired by Unification Minister Hyun In-taek and the rest coming from Seoul’s agriculture ministry.

The money will buy 5-thousand tons of rice to be shipped on October 25th from Gunsan Port to the North Korean city of Sinuiju.

Other aid includes 10-thousand tons of cement, three million cases of cup noodles and medicine.

Read the full story here:
S. Korea Endorses US$7 Mil. Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund
Arirang News


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