According to the Daily NK:

Kim Young Nam, North Korea’s Supreme People’s Committee Permanent Chairperson, nominally the head of state, has stated that the Workers’ Party is being returned to the forefront of state affairs, offering a further clue to the intention behind September’s Workers’ Party Delegates’ Conference.

Speaking at the “Commemorative Convention for the 50th Anniversary of the Leadership of the Military-first Revolution”, Kim told assembled officials in Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on Tuesday, “Upon the opportunity of the historical Delegates’ Conference of the Chosun Workers’ Party, we will reinforce the function of our Party, which is the headquarters of the Military-first revolution, organizer and fugleman of the victory of our people,” according to Chosun Central News Agency.

A number of experts have predicted that North Korea plans to reinforce the function and authority of the Workers’ Party through the delegates’ conference. However, this is the first time that a high North Korean official has spoken publicly on the matter.

Kim additionally emphasized, “All Party projects should be carried out in accordance with the ideology and intention of the Party, based on the line and policies of the Party and by reinforcing the leadership role of the Party in revolutionary construction.”

However, Kim was keen to stress the logical correctness of Kim Jong Il’s Military-first line. “Comrade Kim Jong Il, who has opened the prosperous era of the Workers’ Party by wisely leading military construction and revolutionary projects based on Military-first politics, by viewing military business and Party business together as the keys, has achieved great historical innovations in the construction of the strong and prosperous fatherland by advancing the Military-first achievements of the Juche idea,” he explained.

On August 25, 1960, while Kim Jong Il was studying at Kim Il Sung University, he joined his father for an on-site inspection of Ryu Kyung Su No. 105 Tank Unit. In 2005, the North Korean authorities declared that day the first day of the Military-first leadership and have organized commemorative events annually ever since. 

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