What happened to Naenara and .kp?

Is anyone else out there having trouble accessing the Naenara site (aside from those of you in South Korea)?

The North Korean web service, Naenara (Wikipedia page here, though not much info), used to be posted on two domains: Kcckp.net and Naenara.kp.  It looks like these sites are down—as well as their foreign language services: /en (English), /fr (French), /ja (Japanese), /ru (Russian), /ko (Korean), /ch (Chinese).

In addition, the Korea Education Fund site is also down (http://www.koredufund.org.kp/). I picked up one of their brochures last time I visited the DPRK and posted it here.

..and the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (CCRFC or Taemun) web page is also down: http://www.friend.com.kp/

A quick search of the .kp domain (The DPRK’s country level domain assigned by ICANN) reveals only three other functional web pages:

1. The domain registry lookup site: http://kcce.kp/

2. KPNIC domain registration guidelines (which are well worth reading): http://www.kcce.kp/en_Guideline.php

3. And this document:

조선민주주의인민공화국 망령역이름

1. 변경신청목적
2. 변경신청기관명
3. 변경신청기관주소

1. 등록된 망령역이름
2. 변경하는 망령역이름
3. 신청자
3. 변경신청기관의 영문표기
4. 변경신청기관의 영문략자표기


3 Responses to “What happened to Naenara and .kp?”

  1. Apparently, all of naenara.kp, http://www.friend.com.kp, and http://www.koredufund.org.kp are/were hosted on the same server computer in Berlin, with IP address kcce.kp appears to be hosted at the same provider in Berlin, but on a different server. So maybe the first server crashed, or someone forgot to pay the bill, or whatever.

    Much or all of this seems to be run by an organization called the “Korea Computer Center Europe”, with a webpage in German only at http://www.kcce.net/ or http://www.kcc-europe.de/

    Also, it’s not currently working either, but according to wikipedia the mirror for naenara.kp is kcckp.net, not kccp.net (kccp.net has been owned by some people in Ireland since 2002.)

  2. NKeconWatch says:

    Yes. kcckp.net. Thanks for that.

  3. tibor gaal says:

    I looked them today.
    http://www.kcckp.net, and http://www.naenara.kp is working.