DPRK crew re-captures ship from Somali Pirates

In February 2010 Somali pirates seized a North Korean-flagged cargo ship owned by Libya’s White Sea Shipping in the Gulf of Aden. The crew and ship were taken to Somalia to be held for ransom.

Well after several months of captivity, the North Korean crew re-captured their ship and escaped to safety!  One member of the crew was injured and required medical assistance. 

According to Marine Log (h/t Monster Island):

The crew of the North Korean flagged general cargo ship RIM have regained control of the ship. It had been hijacked on February 3 and was being held at Garacad, off Somalia’s northern coastline.

Yesterday, at 1010 local time, the RIM reported that the crew had successfully retaken control of the ship and that it was headed south. One crew members was seriously injured.

The closest EU NAVFOR warship, the Spanish frigate VICTORIA, which was 100 miles away, was directed to the scene to give medical assistance and immediately launched its helicopter.

The helicopter found that, though the crew were still in control of the RIM, it was being pursued by pirates in another hijacked vessel, the MV VOC DAISY. When the helicopter approached the MV VOC DAISY, it changed her course – no warning shots were fired.

On reaching the scene, the VICTORIA then sent medical assistance to the vessel and took the injured crew member on board for treatment.

It is believed that some of the pirates were killed during the retaking of the ship.

The North Korean government should write a song about these guys!  They are way more courageous than a CNC machine! 

This means we can take away one point from the Somali Pirates and give it to the North Koreans.  This brings the cumulative score to: DPRK (4)* vs. Somali Pirates (1). The * is appropriate because the DPRK crews have received assistance from the USA and, this time, from a medical helicopter.

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  1. Werner says:

    Were the crew members of the MV Rim North Koreans or Syrians, as mentioned on this site: