April 2010 DPRK Business Monthly

Paul White has published the latest version of DPRK Business Monthly.

You can download the PDF here.

In this issue, Mr. White discusses:

Russian Firm to Connect Rajin with Transiberian Line
Two More Hydro Dams for Yalu River
Foundation Spurs Academic Exchanges with NK
NK-China Trade Tops US$300 Million
Indian Steelmaker in P’yang Talks
“Europe May Drop Ban on Air Koryo”
NK to Seize 5 ROK Kumgang Properties
Why the Sunshine Policy Made Sense
“NK Fish Exports to ROK Uninterrupted”
“North Korea Needs Practical IT Training”
Buddhists Seek Niche in DPRK Contacts
P’yang: “Black Propaganda” Aims to Check Investment
“NK to Make Own Mobile Phones”
NK Invents New Bearing Material
Computers Speed Iron Ore Transport
“NK to Allow Foreign-owned Factories”
Koryo Tours


2 Responses to “April 2010 DPRK Business Monthly”

  1. James says:

    Is this an official publication from the DPRK? It seems to paint an unusually rosy picture of opportunities in the North with little acknowledgment of the actual difficulties involved in working there and a massive amount of glossing over important human rights issues. It also seems to be missing mention of the wonderful opportunities that Office 39 provides.

  2. NKeconWatch says:

    Paul White is a long time DPRK watcher living in Beijing. He has had some past business dealings with them and I believe he used to be involved with Roger Barret (Korea Business Consultants)….