Friday Fun: Brigandish drinking game, KFA, and Pyongyang construction mayhem

Brigandish Drinking Game
Josh Stanton (One Free Korea) gets credit for inventing the KCNA drinking game.  Every time KCNA mentions “Brandish” behavior, you take a drink.  For those who like to imbibe more frequently, here is a link to every single KCNA story that mentions “Briganish”–all 647 of them. This is courtesy of the indispensable STALIN search engine.

KFA in London
Korean Friendship Association hosted what can only be described as a “hysterical” protest against the US and South Korean embassies in London.  The reasons: Foal Eagle and Key Resolve.  It appears that about half-a-dozen members showed up. See all of their photos here.

Pyongyang Construction Mayhem
The North Koreans are constructing a Pyongyang Folk Village at the foot of Mt. Taesong next to Anhak Palace (satellite image of the construction site here). Below are some images of the construction taken from the Dec 11, 2009 KCTV evening news.


Above are the replicas of the Pongyang ice skating ring and (I believe) Sosan district tae-kwon-do building.


Above are replicas of the Monument to the Founding of the Worker’s Party, the West Sea Barrage, and the Grand People’s Study House.


Above is the replica of the Ryugyong Hotel.  This will likely be the first replica to be completed before the original on which it is based!

No doubt the replica of the Pyongyang Arch of Triumph will also be the worlds largest replica of a triumphal arch as well–over 3 meters taller than the model of the Paris Arch of Triumph at Lego Land!


6 Responses to “Friday Fun: Brigandish drinking game, KFA, and Pyongyang construction mayhem”

  1. Neil (Cogsinister) says:

    Gotta love that KFA…….

  2. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Oddly, the model of the Ryugyong Hotel appears to show the building as a bare concrete shell, as it was before Orascom came along, instead of having the blue glass cladding that is now being installed.

  3. a listener says:

    Seems that they are no longer ashamed of the non-existing pyramid of doom.

  4. Benoit says:

    Why are they constructing a Pyongyang replica??

  5. MD says:

    Why not construct a real Min Sok Ch’on? The way life was 500 years ago, the food people ate and buildings they lived in, the games and activities, arts and skilled craftsmen. This would attract more visitors with valuable currency. Better yet, save all construction for later and use the scarce resources to feed the starving population.