Choson Exchange launched


Choson Exchange creates training programs for young North Koreans and functions as a facilitator of projects by matching needs, proposing projects, advising on projects, and reaching out to potential partners in North Korea. It works with universities and student groups to design and implement project ideas with North Korean educational and governmental institutions, and help organize visits by interested groups or individuals. In addition to training programs, Choson Exchange conducts evaluations of DPRK learning needs for dissemination and seeks out opportunities for North Korean students to study abroad and vice versa.

1. The Pyongyang Lecture Series
An annual training program for DPRK government officials, managers and academics on topics related to business economics, finance, law and management with a focus on encouraging international trade. Topics for 2010 focus on finance and will be conducted by economists/industry experts/academics from the United States and Singapore.

2. Kim Il Sung University Student Exchange
A program for students and faculty from foreign universities to visit Kim Il Sung University and other academic institutions to build contacts between peers. Proceeds from this program funds our training programs.

3. North Korean Students Abroad
We also actively develop new channels and opportunities for promising North Korean students and young professionals to study abroad and attend international conferences.

4. Architecture, Humanities & Public Health
We are looking to promote two-way exchange and knowledge sharing in non-traditional fields. In 2009, we worked with Pyongyang and Singaporean architects to share architecture knowledge and to reach out to North Korean city planners.

5. Next Generation Leaders
Outside of North Korea, we seek to involve young, promising and entrepreneurial individuals in our work to cultivate the next generation of leaders in North Korean engagement.


2 Responses to “Choson Exchange launched”

  1. Ben says:

    Are my eyes failing me or it’s you on their home page? If so, great picture!

  2. tibor gaal says:

    Teaching u.s. law (which is based on court precedents, called as common law) is not a good thing, becaue DPRK and most of the world’s legal system is based on European-style law (it is based on laws made by different type of state organs, these laws don’t accept precedents).