Chinese lamps popular in DPRK

According to the Choson Ilbo

Chinese-made solar reading lamps are selling like hot cakes in North Korea. According to a North Korean source, the reading lamps sell for 10,000 to 20,000 North Korean won, a price several times the average monthly wage.

The customers are chiefly parents with children preparing for college entrance exams. Due to do the poor power supply, North Korea except for some parts of Pyongyang is plunged into pitch darkness every night, making it impossible to study. The solar-powered reading lamps provide a measure of independence from the power grid.

In the North, background determines if youngsters can enter college, and not all parents can afford to concentrate their energy on their children’s education. But relatively well-to-do families provide tutoring for their children by employing students of prestigious universities, such as Kim Il Sung University or Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies, in efforts to prepare their children for college entrance exams.

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N.Korean Parents ‘Zealous’ About Children’s Education
Choson Ilbo


2 Responses to “Chinese lamps popular in DPRK”

  1. Neil (Cogsinister) says:

    Do they come with solar panels that can be hung out of a window ?

    I am sure on some of Kernbeissers pics on Flickr i have seen what look like small solar panels pointing out of windows if you zoom in……

    I look for things like that….

  2. Neil (Cogsinister) says:

    I guess if i had clicked on the article i would have seen that they do… see the panels taped to apartment windows facing the sun…..charging up during the day….