Jesus at Mangyongdae

A reader sent in this photo of a North Korean girl visiting Mangyongdae in Pyongyang:

Click image for larger version

This shirt obviously originated in China and was purchased in a local market. The “Chinglish” reads: “I Love Jesus” and “Tinkerbell, Trust and Pixie Dust”.

Follow-up: I allowed RFA to use this image, but it has shown up elsewhere along with quotes attributed to me that I never made.  The Korea Times story is the only one that I can read, but I never spoke to them about this picture.  Here are all the media stories that I am aware of:  Korea Times, Yonhap,  Choson Ilbo, RFA.


6 Responses to “Jesus at Mangyongdae”

  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for the photo. I wonder why a girl would wear such a shirt in the DPRK? Two possibilities come to mind:

    1. Her and her family have not yet considered about what the English-language shirt says or its implications.

    2. Her and her family are so well-connected that she need not fear this rogue statement of religious expression.

    I welcome thoughts from others.

  2. James says:

    It is likely the girl is unaware of what the shirt says. To her it’s just a pretty design with a bunch of meaningless characters.

  3. a listener says:

    However being within the vicinity of the capital, that child no doubt has been spotted wearing that shirt by more than a few North Korean intellectuals fluent in English who apparently have not notified the authorities. Maybe an underground rebellion is brewing?

  4. a listener says:

    ok the underground rebellion part is a joke

  5. Sonagi says:

    “but it has shown up elsewhere along with quotes attributed to me that I never made. “

    Get used to it now that you’re on the Korean media radar. Old habits die hard. Why bother telephoning overseas for an interview when you can fabricate quotes instead? The readers will never know the difference.