North Koreans headed to Thailand

According to Voice of America:

Thai immigration authorities say they took more than 1,000 North Koreans into custody this year, compared with less than 400 in 2008 when Beijing tightened security for the Olympics.

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Increasing Numbers of North Korean Refugees Head to Thailand
Voice of America


4 Responses to “North Koreans headed to Thailand”

  1. a listener says:

    That information collaborates with other confirmed data. Given the failed shutdown of government enforced NK border crossings put into effect for 2008, it seems to prve that support of the cult is at an all time low. North Koreans seem to now know that the elite in Pyongynag are now trying to escape. The secet is officially out. The Cadre insiders are paying to send their children and loved ones outside the citadel, not just the country folk.

  2. a listener says:

    Forgive my typos. But this is the year that the loyale abandon the slave holder in the dprk. Not the fall, but as Joshua put it, phase V.

  3. a listener says:

    It is now our job as Americans to let the North Korean people know the truth. If we wanted Koreans dead, we could have Nuked North Korea a long time ago. We only want their tryannical regime to cease to exist. Chairman Kim never only ate rice and water. For the most part of his life he was more imperialist than the richest American. They need to know this truth. And they are now realizing it.

  4. a listener says:

    It is now our job to support the Korean underground railroad.