DPRK joint venture releases e-learning software

eleROM, Sinji JV Group and Phoenix Commercial Ventures Ltd are proud to present learnwithelsi: an innovative new web-based e-learning platform.

learnwithelsi derives its name from the “el” of eleROM and “si” of Sinji. The system is jointly managed by eleROM and Sinji. Subscribers can use the system to manage and study educational courses. learnwithelsi combines the standard features of traditional e-learning platforms with additional features:

* Lectures can be presented real time, even when the lecturers and students are geographically disbursed
* The lecturer can interact with students via video link, whiteboard and instant messaging
* The lecture can be recorded and stored for future access (available from November)
* Every user has tools that enable him/her to create learning contents, manage training activities and interact with other users
* Additionally there are a host of other features; documents can be managed, online exercises created, learning paths created, group work coordinated, assignments produced, forums developed, agendas set, announcements can be made and statistics can be monitored.

Sinji ’s and eleROM ‘s experience in software and e-learning guarantee the quality and reliability of the product. Additionally, learnwithelsi comes with 24 hour support.

Unlike other e-learning platforms, learnwithelsi is offered directly to training institutes for them to create their own courses; thereby enabling them to concentrate on the content of their courses, without having to worry about the technology.

The product follows the philosophy of SAS (software as a service). You don’t need to install anything on your server. You need only an Internet connection to use the platform.

Further system and functional enhancements will be made, eg as from November the video lecture can be recorded and stored for future access.

You can try a sample course on the learnwithelsi platform by clicking here. (login: sample, password: course).


Here is a PDF of the  press release.


2 Responses to “DPRK joint venture releases e-learning software”

  1. Even the e-learning software designed in North Korea carries the task to set up barriers between the people and to filter the information… Why not bringing a foreign professor to the classroom? Why not sending the students overseas?

    Saving on travel and accommodation costs is only one consideration since sponsors willing to support such exchange would be abundant. The main concern of NK IT industry is to facilitate education without really introducing any change into the minds of learners. Every bit of information can be screened, recorded and recycled.

    This new device reminds me of “televised” family reunions of survived family members some 50 years after the Korean War, where the loved ones in Seoul and Pyongyang could see each other on the TV screen for 3 days. A perfect new tool to preserve the flawed old system…


  2. NKeconWatch says:

    In all fairness, I don’t think this software is for domestic (DPRK) use. The only language options are English or Italian, and the only faces are of Laurel and Hardy (whom many Americans admittedly would have trouble naming now).

    I have not thoroughly studied many on line education modules, but at first glance this seems comparable to the other e-learning products on the market. It looks like they make their money from hosting all the data users upload to their servers, which are almost certainly not in the DPRK. I think the North Koreans just had a hand in programming it.